Arthur Illinois - October 11-12, 2013

Non-Meat or Specialty Vendors Information and on-line application

Direct BBQ Related Items-Grills, Smokers, Charcoal, Pellets Sauces, Seasonings and BBQ Accessories & Etc - Contact us directly for inclusion in our event. We have special sponsorship arrangements available that may prove to be very rewarding for us both.

Craft / Antique and Misc Goods Vendors

The CIBR-BBQ attracts in excess of 5000 people to downtown Arthur for our Saturday competition. Customer traffic may be be expected from 9am to 5pm, peaking obviously over the mid day. This is basically a one day vending event. We do wish to encourage appropriate fall crafts and etc. to complement our visitors experience. We offer 10x20 booth spaces w/o electricity for the nominal cost of $25. We require advance non-refundable, registration.

Friday setup is required. You may set up anytime on Friday 7am-9pm. If you expect to arrive later than 6pm please note it on your application. Saturday is extremely hectic for us so Saturday morning setup will be arranged ONLY if  noted on your application. Print out this pages and mail the form below.

Specialty Food Vendors
If you have a specialty food stand such as ice cream, caramel apples, ... any non-meat stand, our crowd may be of interest. All food stands rates are the same 10% of your gross sales. For the non-meat edible stands we will require your up front cost of $50 minimum non-refundable deposit against 10% of your gross at the end of the day. Print out and fill in the same following application request or call us for more information.

No vendor stands will be allowed to set up without a credit card or cleared check. All vendor reservations are non-refundable 30 days prior to the event.

KCBS-CIBR-BBQ 2013 Non Meat Foods or Other Vendor
On-Line Application Form
Send us this form with your credit card info and we'll consider your craft or specialty food stand. Other appropriate fall event specialty foods and drinks will be considered. If in doubt, call me.

Your "ENTER" key will submit the form. Use your tab key or mouse to navigate until you are ready to submit the form.

Business Name _

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State Zip


Email address

Describe your products, brief booth description, and if a non-meat food stand, your electrical requirements.
Vendor Space Cost -
Crafts and Misc $25 in advance of setup
Non-Meat Foods $50 against 10% of your gross  sales.

10x20ft space max- no electricity is available for craft and misc booths

You may submit a credit card number at this time or you may print this form out and may send me a check.

 $50 per Meat Vendor against 10% of your gross sales
 $25 Craft and Misc Vendor

Pay by CC    Card Number

Expiration Date 
           CardType MasterCard        Visa
Name on Card

Submit this by email for priority reservation,

 Thanks....George or 217-543-2766 M-Sat 9am-5pm